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Wollongong Dojo Newsletter October 2014

New Students

Welcome to our newest students Richard and Chev. They both have experience in Martial Arts and have fit in straight away. I am sure they will find we are a great Dojo that offers lots of support to its students. Please make sure they feel welcome.


New Dojo

Congratulations to Terri and Tom for expanding the Gym to double the size. You now have access to the biggest and best equipped training area of all the  Shinkyokushin Dojo’s in Australia. Do not underestimate how lucky we are to have the space we do. Now let’s fill it up with new students.

Kid’s class – Change of instructor

As you are probably aware by now Daniel Athanassopoulos is the principle instructor of the kids class. I would like thank Sempai Terri for the great work she did establishing the kids class from scratch, this is very difficult to do and she did it with great success and we now have a good bunch of kids to build on.
Daniel is doing a fantastic job which is good for his own development and I am sure he will produce some young champions in the near future.
Please try to get to the Dojo early once in a while and assist Daniel with the kids class with bag work or sparing etc, especially on the Thursday class.


Summer Training

It is always very important to be well hydrated for training.  Now it is getting warmer make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres of water during the day and more on training days. Ensure you re-hydrate well after training or you will suffer muscle cramps and more seriously dangerous renal and brain function problems if you get dehydrated.


New Student Incentive

If you bring a new student who signs up and stays with us, you get the next month training for free. If you bring 2 new people you get 2 months free. Etc.


Karate is a dynamic sport that involves powerful techniques, severe stress on muscles, ligaments and joints not to mention the sparing. Injuries although, usually mild, are common. When you have hurt yourself ensure to follow the RICE system. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. When you are injured it does not always mean you can’t come to training. There are always things you can do and as long as you let me know before class we can work around your injuries.



National Camp Nov 21-23

The annual camp is the highlight of the year for many students. It is held in the Alpine region of Victoria which is a beautiful part of Australia. We all travel in convoy leaving at 0800 Friday morning from an arranged meeting point.
There are 6 training sessions over the weekend finishing on Sunday lunch time before heading home. Meals are provided from Saturday breakfast through to Sunday lunch.

What to bring?

·     2 Dogi’s
·     Sparing gear (mouth guard, groin guard gloves, shin pads, breast guard) , water bottle, sweat towel
·     Thongs to wear to and from training
·     Casual clothes for travel and wear between classes.
·     Toiletries (include soap) and a bath towel.
·     Some money for lunches while travelling to and from camp and dinner on Friday night, Also we have a drink at the pub next door on Saturday night.
·     Girls need a crop top for river training, we take off our Gi tops.
·     Advice from experience – bring coat hangers to hang Gi’s in the sun, toilet paper and Glen 20 spray for shared bathrooms. Plastic bag for your wet Karate belt after river training for packing to come home (or it will stain your Gi)
·     Bedding is supplied.
Don’t miss out it is a great weekend and a chance to train with students from around the country and make some new friends.


Training times

Try to get to class by 6:15 at the latest so you can get ready to start at 6:30. The class will usually finish a little after 8:00pm but we usually stay until 8:30 for personal practice, mentoring, practicing a technique, Kata practice , do some weights or just to have a good stretch etc. Every one is welcome to do this and it is also an opportunity to ask questions or for help from seniors.
If you are late (stuck at work) please send me a text so I know you will come in late but please still come. No excuse for just being lazy with poor time keeping, get in on time.

Sensei’s Quote 

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.
Chinese Proverb

Sensei John Hall

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