Monday, 22 December 2014

Asian Championships - Amanda Madruga

Asian Championships 2014

On 20 September 2014, Wollongong student Amanda Madruga , along with the 6 other members of the Australian team, competed in the All Asian Championships in Kuala Lumpur.

She fought in the lightweight female division (under 65kg). Her first opponent, from Iran, did not show up to the tournament so she was lucky to score a free pass into the second round. Amanda’s second round opponent was from Kazakhstan the winner of the last All Asian Championships and proved to be tough. After fighting three rounds, Amanda won by the judges decision. Amanda reports that this was one of my toughest and best fights to date.

In the semi final, she came up against a strong and fiery opponent from Singapore, and won by judge's decision in the first 3 minute round.

In the final, Amanda fought off against another very strong opponent from Kazakhstan. The fight commenced strongly with both fighters giving their all but unfortunately the Kazakhstani fighter  landed a very well time rolling kick, which knocked Amanda out cold. She was very lucky not to get any serious injuries from the knockout. .

 Photo from left to right - Amanda Madruga (2nd lightweight), Shihan Kenji Midori (president), Anna Texler (2nd Heavy) weight

Quote from Amanda

”I have taken away a lot from the tournament, especially realising the importance of a strong mind and spirit when competing. My first tournament was only in 2011, so I am proud of my achievement. I encourage everyone in the dojo to train hard to reach your goals in karate too, whether or not they involve competing at a high level. Also trust your instructor – if it wasn't for Sensei John Hall encouraging me to enter my first tournament in 2011 and continuing to support my fighting pursuits, I would have not reached this achievement.”



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