Sunday, 5 June 2016

June 2016

Kids Class
The kids class is usually running with around 12 kids. This is a small number of students compared to other martial arts schools in our are.Our dojo can easily take double this number and still allow each student the attention they need to develop. If you have friends who have though about trying Karate now is a great time. Bad weather does not effect our training like other sports and it is not outdoors so parents don't have to freeze at the local park.

Kids Grading
Congratulations to Anastasija, Dechlan, Olivia, Maria, Kristina and Tia. They all passed their grading and are progressing well. They showed good spirit throughout their grading test and now its time to get stuck into preparations for the next one in 4 months or so.

Adults Grading
Congratulations to Rebecca, Dylan, Goran, Andre, Eamon and Richard. It was a tough grading both technically and physically but they all did well and passed without an issue. Time now to step up the training for our 5th Kyu's Rebecca, Dylan and Goran. Next grading in December is for 4th Kyu, 1st senior grade.

Daniel's new belt
Sempai Daniel has been waiting for his official Black Belt and certificate to arrive from Japan since his grading last November. It has finally arrived and he is able to wrap it around his Dogi.


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